Ireland in the Newsreels (Éire na Nuachtscannán)

New series on TG4 starts Thursday 21st September @8pm

Éire na Nuachtscannán | Déardaoin 20.00 | TG4

Tugann an tsraith nua seo léargas dúinn ar an mbealach inar cuireadh imeachtaí in Éirinn i láthair sna nuachtscannáin. This series will show how some of Ireland's most important stories were handled by newsreel editors. Déardaoin 8pm. #TG4Nua

Posted by TG4 on Friday, September 15, 2017


Éire na Nuachtscannán, a six part television series, is a collaboration between Mac Dara Ó Curraidhín (LM DÓC) and Ciara Chambers (Lecturer in Film and Screen Media, University College Cork).

While the newsreels were often dismissed for their triviality and light touch, they remain an important social document charting events, personalities and changing cultural patterns. Given the lack of sustained indigenous production, Irish audiences were catered for by British and American news producers, meaning that the newsreels viewed in the cinemas often had imperial connotations and were sometimes completely at odds with viewers’ lived experiences of the events depicted.

This series will explore the ethics of news production, the complexities of representing shifting political allegiances, the difficulties of producing ‘balanced’ coverage and the ways in which audiences experiencing a range of turbulent events in twentieth century Ireland were manipulated in the cinemas by companies used to catering for pro-establishment, British sensibilities.